Ketamine Infusion

Ketamine Infusion

Ketamine infusion is a viable treatment alternative for those suffering from medication-resistant major depressive disorder, PTSD, and anxiety. This medication has been rigorously studied over the last two decades for its off-label uses in mental health treatment. One-third of all people living with major depressive disorder will not experience relief from traditional therapies, and Ketamine may be the solution for many.

Treatment Course

A standard treatment course for Ketamine infusions consists of a series of six doses administered over the period of two to three weeks. Unlike traditional medication treatments, you won’t need to take this medication daily. Once the initial treatment course has concluded, you will be placed on a maintenance schedule, ranging from once a month to once every six months, depending on your response to the treatment. An occasional booster infusion may be needed between maintenance appointments.


Ketamine treatments offer rapid relief of symptoms. Many patients will experience relief within hours of their first infusion. The entire treatment course must be completed for the best outcomes possible.


Following the initial treatment course, you may experience relief from your symptoms for months at a time. This does not mean you are cured or can skip maintenance appointments. Your treatment team will want to monitor your progress and ensure that you continue to experience relief from your symptoms.

What To Expect

You can expect to undergo a rigorous screening and evaluation process to ensure that you are a good candidate for Ketamine treatment. A thorough medical and mental health exam will be administered, and your medical and mental health history will be thoroughly examined to determine your eligibility for this treatment. Once your eligibility for treatment has been determined, you will schedule your first infusion.

Your First Infusion

Ketamine is administered through an IV on a slow drip. Infusions can take 45 minutes, but your visit to the clinic will last anywhere from one to two hours. You may experience mild hallucinations, a floating sensation, dizziness, drowsiness, or blurred vision. You will be monitored throughout and following your infusion. You must have someone drive you home following your treatment, and the clinic will not release you until your driver arrives to check you out.


Ketamine treatments are rarely covered by insurance plans because it is considered off-label use. Treatments cost around $400 per infusion.

Ketamine is not suitable for persons with a history of addiction, diagnosis of substance use disorder, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, or cardiac conditions. If you feel you may be a good candidate

for Ketamine treatment, reach out to a local clinic to schedule a consultation. The clinic will be more than happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.