Category: Recovery Pathways

Recovery Pathways: Empowerment

Empowerment in recovery is an approach to treatment that allows and encourages active engagement in the recovery process to regain control of and take ownership in their lives. When treatment teams take a client-centered approach, they may be empowered to express their needs, self-advocate, and follow through on their goals and commitment to recovery.

Recovery Pathways: Choice

Choice is a recovery pathway that focuses on autonomy and self-determination. For recovery to be successful, the individual must make the conscious decision to embark on the journey of healing and recovery. The importance of choice in recovery offers profound and multi-faceted benefits that will have life-long, lasting effects on the individual’s life.

Recovery Pathways: Recovery Environment

The environment that a person in recovery is exposed to and surrounded by can play a vital role in the recovery journey. Attempting to heal in the same environment that contributed to addiction or mental illness is futile unless significant changes are made to the environment. A recovery environment promotes healing and wellness in all […]

Recovery Pathways: Hope

Hope is foundational to recovery from a mental health crisis or addiction. Hope that recovery is possible for everyone is the catalyst for every recovery journey. It may be the glimmer of hope that spurns you to seek therapy, enter rehab, or join a support group.